Company Information

Laura Wolf is the Director of Wolf's Performing Arts and Wolf's Twirlers, which she founded in 2000. Laura is a graduate of Penn State University, where she studied International Politics, business and dance and performed for four years as a member of the "Touch of Blue" majorette squad with the Penn State Blue Band. Laura’s other performing credits include 3 years touring with the Drum Corps International Finalist, Suncoast Sound Drum and Bugle corps out of St. Petersburg, Florida, the Winter Guard International World Champions, Blessed Sacrament Color Guard out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the WGI University Class Champions, Penn State Syndicate and WGI finalist Threshold of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Since then, Laura has had the honor of instructing award-winning performing arts groups including dance teams, color guards, cheer teams and majorette groups, both indoors and out, for over 26 years.

About Us

Wolf's Performing Arts is dedicated to a fun, but focused atmosphere for our performing artists. Classes are held in our professional studios with knowledgeable and helpful office assistants available during every class. Weekly newsletters and emails keep parents informed every step of the way. Have more questions? Feel free to contact us!

Our Roots...

In 2001, Laura Wolf formed Wolf's Twirlers with the generous support of Vicki Bertolino and in conjunction with the Bertolino Dance Company.  Since that time, Wolf's Twirlers has grown to 3 competition teams and includes twirlers ages 4 to 18 from 5 different school districts.  Following her love of teaching performing arts to kids, Laura expanded her school in 2010 to include many other types of classes including Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Irish, and Acro. 

Our Students...

At Wolf's Performing Arts, it's all about the student.  We take seriously our job of instructing your child and thank you for that opportunity.  We will always make decisions based on the best interests of our students.   While focus, training and development are our main goals as instructors, we also take the opportunity to work on self-confidence, teamwork and responsibility in a focused, but fun atmosphere.  In addition to classes, competition opportunities are available and students perform in the end-of-year Showcase.   Our fondest hope is that our students will share the love of performing arts as we do.

Our Parents...

What a great bunch of parents we have! I have never seen a group of parents who are so supportive, energetic, caring and involved. So much of our success is due to the hard – and creative – work of our baton, and dance parents. Our Office Assistants are just an example of this kind of dedication. How blessed all these kids are to have parents that are involved in what they do and how very blessed WPA is to benefit from that also! Kudos to every one of you who spends the time and energy to make your kids' passions a reality.

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    -- Dr Who
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