We use Studio Director to register & communicate with our customers to keep us both organized.

  • The customer portal allows customers to register, view classes, enroll, modify their contact information, view balances due, and even pay.
    Everyone has access to the same real-time class schedules and class availability. Students and Families can register and enroll in classes anytime, from anywhere, through the Internet
    Enables customers to perform routine tasks and answer common questions themselves. (When is my class? How much do I owe? Do you have an appropriate class for me on Wednesdays?)
    Adds secure online payment capabilities and recurring / auto-payment features
Class Confirmation Letters, Invoices, Statements.
Tracks the history of your contacts and communications with the family to prevent multiple, different, and confusing responses to the same family
Easily send e-mails and/or text messages to all or some of your students
We keep a history of all e-mails and text messages sent!